About Turtle Coat?

Turtle Coat is a flexible, breathable, mold and mildew resistant ceramic Elastomeric Coating system that carries a 25 Year Transferable Warranty. Our warranty length is based on accelerated third party, independant  testing performed by our manufaturer. (The results of the  tests are posted within this website)
Turtle Coat Elastomeric Paint House and Trim Coating eliminates the need to repaint your house every 4 or 5 years and protects your home from the destructive forces of the elements, namely, the sun and rain.
In addition to protecting the house from the elements,Turtle Coat Liquid Siding can also make your house more energy efficient. During the preparation, time is spent in sealing around the windows and doors, eliminating heat transfer by convectoion. Blocking air movement in the walls keeps the R-Rating consistant. The emmisivity rating, because of the ceramics, reduces heat transfer by conduction.
Reflectivity and Emissivity ratings of Turtle Coat's Ceramic Finish Coat exceed Energy Star Ratings. (Testing on roofs determined these ratings because of proximity to the sun). See our Roof Coatings for more Information about "reflectivity and emmisivity". Turtle Coat Architectural Coatings offers a list of features that will add to the energy effeciency of your home as we go into the future.

Southeast Coatings, Inc., Georgia, make the Turtle Coat Ceramic Elastomeric Coating System and Spray On Siding  available to residential, intermediate size commercial and light industrial customers in Georgia and the Tennessee Valley Area. They are among a network of dealers that cover all 50 states and over 30 different countries. Southeast Coatings, Inc.

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Turtle Tips
1. If possible, keep your room air conditioner out of the sun. Room air conditioners work when kept cool. Installing one in a north-facing wall is usually idea.
2. Consider installing a ceiling
Our Process - Residential
The process begins with thorough preparation of the surfaces that are to receive the coating. This includes washing, caulking, scraping and sanding as well as the replacement or repair of any rotten or damaged areas.
Next we apply Turtle Coat's exclusive Adhesive Primer/ Sealer. This clear, flexible membrane encapsulates and waterproofs the surface it is applied to. An optional second coat is the Ceramic Mid Coat.
Finish Coat
The final coat, the Ceramic Finish Coat, is the color coat. It utilizes different resins to bind solids and retain flexibility and strength. This coat is also very reflective, thus Turtle Coat has a Low-Emissivity rating.
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Client Testimonials
I have called upon Jeff Roper of Southeast Coatings, Inc. to help with several large church projects that have proven difficult for other finishing contractors in years past… our high, 50 year-old church steeple, sanctuary windows and front columns, all bright white. Eco Seal Ceramic Coatings that...
Kent Murphey
First Baptist Church, Gainesville, GA

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