What is Turtle Coat?

Turtle Coat is a flexible, breathable, mold and mildew resistant Ceramic Elastomeric Coating System for your Home or Businesses Exterior Surfaces that carries a 25 Year Transferable Warranty. Turtle Coat is used rather than traditional paint for a much longer lasting Aesthetic and more Durable Protection from the elements. Turtle Coat Finish Coat is an Acrylic Latex Elastomeric Ceramic Copolymer designed to Encapsulate any prepared surface, remain flexible, is breathable, resists mold and mildew and can, as testing shows, keep the coated surfaces cooler than other paints or coatings.

Turtle Coat also incorporates a strong bonding Adhesive Primer and Sealer for the first coat. It dries tacky like the back of a piece of masking tape. The Turtle Coat Finish Coat is applied to the Primed Surface. This Adhesive Primer and Sealer insures that Turtle Coat will bond to any prepared surface. Turtle Coat can be tinted to most any color too.

At Southeast Coatings, Inc., we strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction. Southeast Coatings, Inc. maintains an “A+” Rating with the BBB. and understand too that the Preparation is the key to any successful job. That is why we spend over half of our time on the job doing what is needed to restore your home to near “New” condition before the coatings are applied. This includes thorough washing, caulking, repairs to surfaces, sanding and scraping loose and peeling paint, preventive maintenance, keeping a clean jobsite and more.

The Completed Turtle Coat Result is a house that will look like it is repaired and freshly painted, be protected from the environment, minimize future maintenance, eliminate “painting” for years to come (saving money) with a 25 Year Transferable Warranty.