Commercial Services

Southeast Coatings, Inc. carries over 100 commercial grade coating products and make them available for residential and commercial applications. Here are just a few of our commercial jobs, as well as other projects, that our manufacturer supplied the product for.

After covering equipment and floors, sanding, scraping and clean up, an acrylic red oxide primer was applied. Red Metal Prime chemically changes rust from iron oxide to iron phosphate, encapsulating the surface and eliminating rust from reoccurring. Being elastomeric, the primer as well as the elastomeric ceramic topcoat expand and contract with temperature changes to further insure a permanent bond to the substrate.

Commercial properties are unique in that, curb appeal as well as minimizing maintenance, are concerns of property owners. Whether a church, condominium or historic building the cost of getting Turtle Coat Ceramic Coatings pays for itself within 5-7 years. This makes Turtle Coat Products the best option for the exterior when compared to re-painting or vinyl siding. See our photo gallery for a sample of specific jobs.