Month: November 2010

The Dow Chemical Company

Elastomeric coatings turning roofs and walls into efficient, protective planet-friendly machines for change. ThermometerRight now, the roof of the building you’re in is probably a very dark color, if not altogether black. Changing that color to white could radically improve operating costs, reduce utility bills, benefit the surrounding environment, and help everyone in the immediate… Read more »

The Paint Quality Institute

It your home’s exterior is made of stucco, concrete, cement block or brick, cracks in the masonry surface might already be a familiar and unwelcome sight. But such cracks can do more than mar the appearance of your home. In extreme cases, wind-driven rain can penetrate the cracks and cause serious damage to the structure… Read more »

Wise Geek

Reflective roof coatings, also known as albedo coatings, are products applied to roofs to reduce solar heat, especially in areas with hot, sunny weather for a good part of the year. Because they can reduce surface temperatures by up to 80°F (about 45°C), these products also have a big impact on cooling costs. The Lawrence… Read more »

U.S. Department of Energy

April 1, 2002 California’s Edwards Air Force Base and San Diego Naval Base Marine Barracks are taking advantage of reflective roofing systems. The new roofing systems, which have been installed on existing facility buildings, serve to waterproof, insulate, and keep low-slope roof surfaces cool. Energy savings are achieved through the innovative use of technology to… Read more »