Commercial Process

The Process for applying coatings in Commercial or Industrial Applications will depend on the product and service desired.

In the application of any Turtle Coat Architectural Coating, preparation is the key to the longevity of the product’s performance.

There are steps of preparing the surface to be coated that are the same with every coating product we offer. They include cleaning the surface to be coated to remove any dirt, loose debris, mold and mildew, and inspecting all surfaces to ensure there are not any surfaces compromised by water intrusion. If water has entered or damaged the surface or structure, these areas must be repaired or replaced and listed items will be included as part of your job.

Another common step in surface preparation is the sealing or filling cracks and separation in the surfaces. Some wide openings require a filler strip, like a backer rod, before applying the sealant or caulk. We use an elastomeric urethane acrylic sealant as our caulk due to its lasting flexibility and strength.

Once a surface is properly prepared, the correct primer coat will be applied and allowed to dry before applying the finish coating.

The process of preparation and application will be outlined in detail when a proposal is submitted.

At Southeast Coatings, Inc. we adhere to strict guidelines to guarantee that Turtle Coat Architectural Coatings will deliver long and lasting beauty and protection for your home or business. All inspections, consultations and quotations are free of charge.