Turtle Coat is a Coating System for the exterior of a home, business, Church, etc. that is used rather than “traditional” paint. The Benefit is that with Turtle Coat, you only have to do it once.

Turtle Coat is not only a coating system but a process of jobs to return you home to like new condition. The surface preparation includes pressure washing, sanding and scraping to remove loose paint, replacing and repairing damaged of rotted surfaces, caulking to seal gaps in the siding and trim, masking off areas to protect them during the application of the coatings, Adhesive Primer/Sealer and Finish Coat application, thorough touch up and clean up. Pretty much “Turn Key”.

Turtle Coat Ceramic Coating carries a 25 Year Transferable Warranty.
It can be applied to any paintable surface.

Turtle Coat Ceramic Coating is an excellent choice for Historic Restoration and Preservation. Southeast Coatings, Inc. is Certified by the E.P.A. to preform work on buildings built before 1978. This is the year that lead paint was banned for residential buildings. The E.P.A. now requires contractors be Certified for Lead Safe Renovations. Turtle Coat Elastomeric Coatings encapsulate the prepared surfaces to insure that any lead paint remaining on the surfaces is not exposed to the surroundings in the future.
Turtle Coat Architectural Coatings can be tinted to any color like traditional paint. Ask the Turtle Coat Representative to show you color samples from a choice of over 3000 colors. We can also do custom matching to any paint color.
Initially, the cost of Turtle Coat Coating System is 2-3 times more than a simple professional paint job.

The Turtle Coat Process includes preparation of the surfaces that is second to none. This takes about 3 times longer than most painters spend on the prep.

The Turtle Coat Coating System also includes the application of 2 products to achieve a long lasting Finish for your home or business. The first coat that is applied to the prepared surface is the unique Adhesive Primer and Sealer. This is followed by the Ceramic Finish Coat. A typical job requires 3-4 times more materials than a traditional paint job.

The cost of The Turtle Coat System naturally cost more than a coat of paint, however, compared to what a homeowner spends to paint their home in 7-10 years exceeds the cost of Turtle Coat. This means the Value is greater with Turtle Coat Ceramic Coating than with Traditional Paint.

Turtle Coat Ceramic Coating carries a 25 Year Transferable Warranty.

Turtle Coat carries one of the best warranty’s in the coating industry. Turtle Coat is guaranteed for 25 Years to not chip, flake or peel.
The Turtle Coat application teams are experienced in exterior repairs to walls, trim, decks and other parts of your home or business’s exterior. Repairs are an important part of our Preparation Process before the coatings are applied.

With Turtle Coat’s Bonding Adhesive Primer and Sealer, the prepared and primed surface will be sticky like the back of a piece of masking tape. The Turtle Coat Ceramic Coating Finish Coat is applied over this and is guaranteed for 25 Years against chipping, flaking and peeling.

Not only is Turtle Coat much richer in appearance than traditional paint, brick surfaces are permanently sealed with Turtle Coat keeping out the elements. The thickness of Turtle Coat will not change to surface texture of the brick. You still have the look of “brick” and Turtle Coat can be tinted to most any color. Turtle Coat is an excellent choice for the ‘Painted” wood trim as well. Also, testing shows, the brick surfaces stay cooler because of Ceramic Microspheres in the Finish Coat.

See our Photo Galley under Traditional Homes to view some of our Brick Homes coated with Turtle Coat Ceramic Coating.

Turtle Coat Architectural Coatings are tested extensively by labs like BASF for “Vapor Permeability”. Vapor Permeability is a measurement of the amount of moisture that is allowed to pass through the Coating. Turtle Coat exceeds the amount of permeability of most any other coating. The result is that the surfaces are allowed to dry out and does not trap moisture behind the Coating.

The Testing Results are listed on this website.
Turtle Coat has the appearance of a freshly painted surface and will last for decades to come. Although Turtle Coat’s dry film is about 10 mils thick (a coat of paint is around 1 mil) Turtle Coat maintains the texture of the surface it is applied to.

Stucco looks like Stucco and Cedar or Logs still show the texture of the wood grain and knots. Smooth surfaces also remain smooth.

View many different types of houses in our Photo Galleries.
Turtle Coat’s Dry Film Thickness is about 10 mils. This depends on the surface it is applied to.

A coat of traditional paint has a dry film thickness of about 1 mil.
Changing color is as simple as your next paint job. The color can be changed by going over any minor preparation needed and then applying a new Finish Coat. The primer and caulking do not require being re applied. When applied by an authorized dealer, the Turtle Coat Warranty begins like new for the next 25 years.
Southeast Coatings, Inc. preforms the Service of preparing the surfaces and applying the Turtle Coat Adhesive Primer and Finish Coat according to the manufacturer’s specifications . Because we are an Authorized Dealer and Factory Trained, the quality and longevity of Turtle Coat Ceramic Coating is warranted for 25 years against Chipping, Flaking and Peeling. Turtle Coat is not intended for retail sales.