Is it expensive?

Initially, the cost of Turtle Coat Coating System is 2-3 times more than a simple professional paint job.

The Turtle Coat Process includes preparation of the surfaces that is second to none. This takes about 3 times longer than most painters spend on the prep.

The Turtle Coat Coating System also includes the application of 2 products to achieve a long lasting Finish for your home or business. The first coat that is applied to the prepared surface is the unique Adhesive Primer and Sealer. This is followed by the Ceramic Finish Coat. A typical job requires 3-4 times more materials than a traditional paint job.

The cost of The Turtle Coat System naturally cost more than a coat of paint, however, compared to what a homeowner spends to paint their home in 7-10 years exceeds the cost of Turtle Coat. This means the Value is greater with Turtle Coat Ceramic Coating than with Traditional Paint.

Turtle Coat Ceramic Coating carries a 25 Year Transferrable Warranty.