U.S. Department of Energy

April 1, 2002

California’s Edwards Air Force Base and San Diego Naval Base Marine Barracks are taking advantage of reflective roofing systems. The new roofing systems, which have been installed on existing facility buildings, serve to waterproof, insulate, and keep low-slope roof surfaces cool. Energy savings are achieved through the innovative use of technology to coat a roof with a durable, new surface. The high level of infrared emittance of the new surface, in combination with its high solar reflectance, can reduce peak surface temperatures by more than 35 percent. Depending on the level of conventional insulation in the roof, decreases in the heat flow through the roof can be equally dramatic.

The coating exceeds the requirements of the ENERGY STAR® roof products program and provides a low-slope roof with initial high solar reflectance (81 percent). For products suitable for both low-slope and steep-slope applications, the ENERGY STAR>® roof products program requires initial solar reflectance greater than 65 percent.

By using this system, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who is responsible for the maintenance of the facilities at the San Diego Naval Base, has qualified for an energy rebate from the State of California. The rebate was earned from California’s Energy Initiative Rebate Program for the reduction in energy consumption that is expected as a result of the application.

The application of polyurea permanently seals the SPF base with a seamless, flexible, extremely tough membrane with excellent water and chemical resistance.