Commercial Services

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Southeast Coatings, Inc. carries over 100 commercial grade coating products and make them available for residential and commercial applications. Here are just a few of our commercial jobs, as well as other projects, that our manufacturer supplied the product for.

After covering equipment and floors, sanding, scraping and clean up, an acrylic red oxide primer was applied. Red  Metal Prime chemically changes rust from iron oxide to iron phosphate, encapsulating the surface and eliminating rust from reoccurring. Being elastomeric, the primer as well as the elastomeric ceramic topcoat expand and contract with temperature changes to further insure a permanent bond to the substrate.

Churches: Alpine Presbyterian Church, Menlo, GA. Circa 1853!

This old Church in Northwest Georgia was built in 1853. It has a rich history including the Civil War. To maintain the building was going to require something better than traditional paint. That is why Southeast Coatings, Inc. and Elastomeric  Ceramic Coating was chosen.

From the 19th Century to the 20th Century and now the 21st Century, Church buildings can stand the test of time and the environment with Turtle Coat Ceramic Coatings.

Condos & Apartments:

Southeast Coatings, Inc. will handle all preparation, needed repairs and the application of  Turtle Coat Ceramic Coatings to maintain curb appeal, as well as protect, rental and privately owned community housing. This long lasting coating system will eliminate the need to repaint every 4-5 years and the property keeps that “Freshly Painted” look for decades.

Banks & Shopping Centers:

Turtle Coat Ceramic Coatings  can encapsulate block walls with a flexible membrane that expands and contracts with temperature changes. Although permanently waterproof, the coating can breathe allowing water vapor to escape.

Superior Flat Roof Formula for an Unsurpassed Quality and Performance for Most Sloping and Non Sloping Well Draining Roof Surfaces. Excellent Waterproofing, Insulating, Soundproofing and Mildew Resistance. Protects and Beautifies.


Client Testimonials
German and crew did an excellent job and were a pleasure to be around and to work with....
Frank and Ruth Bryan
Lithonia, Ga.

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