Residential Painting

Southeast Coatings, Inc. offers over 100 Commercial Grade coating products for use on residential and commercial buildings to Georgia and the Tennessee Valley Area .

The manufacturer of Turtle Coat Architectural Coatings™ has been in business since 1964 and has been an innovator in coating technology. The most modern and highest quality resins and solid particles, available today, make our product line tougher and longer lasting than most any other products sold. Southeast Coatings, Inc. and Turtle Coat Architectural Coatings™ feature coatings with low to no V. O. C. ’s, flexible ceramic coatings and Spray On Siding for siding, trim, decks, floors and roofs, as well as interior ceramic coatings.

Southeast Coatings, Inc. is not a retailer of the Turtle Coat line, in most cases, but offers quality service in the preparation and application of the products we offer.

In this part of our Website, you’ll see our most popular products, their uses and their features.

The Turtle Coat Elastomeric Ceramic Coating System, for exterior walls and trim, is applied only after thorough preparation to the surfaces that will receive the coating system (washing, scraping, sanding, caulking, replacement of rotten wood, repair to sound but damaged wood, masking and taping to protect areas not receiving the coatings).

Each of the products of the Turtle Coat System offer features that make Turtle Coat the most well rounded product available.

The penetrating Adhesive Primer/Sealer creates a permanent bond to the substrate by penetrating into the pores of the substrate, the same as water would, literally “locking” the dry film into place. The surface of the substrate also remains sticky, when dry. This dry film is about 4 mils thick (more than a coat of most paints), flexible, breathable, flame and smoke resistant, and waterproof.

The Elastomeric Ceramic Spray On Siding Finish Coat is applied to the prepared and primed surface. Turtle Coat is environmentally safe with low V. O. C. s, and is non-toxic. Turtle Coat is flexible to expand and contract with seasonal temperature changes. This tough coating can withstand 100 mph wind-driven hurricane force winds, is chemical resistant, impact resistant, “Class A” Fire and Smoke Rated, is breathable keeping the substrate dry and free of mold, has been independently tested by BASF Corp. and other leading testing facilities, for the manufacturer, and can reduce heat gain, from the sun, exceeding Energy Star Requirements for Reflectivity and Emmisivity.

Along with it’s other features, by eliminating future repainting, wood rot, wasted resources and reducing the amount of energy required in cooling and heating the structure, Turtle Coat Liquid Siding Elastomeric Ceramic Coatings are truly a Green Product, not of the future but of today!