Month: September 2010

Reflective Coatings

by Chris Fisher February 1, 2008 According to the 2005 ARB Architectural Coatings Survey, the VOC emissions from architectural coatings dropped from 113 million tons per day in 1975 to 95.1 million tons in 2004, a 16% drop in emissions. Energy-Efficient Paints Can Reduce Urban Heat Islands, Smog and Greenhouse Gases Heat-reflective wall coatings can… Read more »

Roof Coatings: Strategies For Savings

By Curtis Liscum December 2006 Identifying Opportunities Depending on a building’s size, location, amount of thermal insulation, and energy costs, a reflective coating can provide energy savings by reducing a building’s cooling loads. While each building obviously is different, a typical building located in a southern climate with large enough roof area and minimal amounts… Read more »